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STEAM School is designed and run by Chitkara University Research &Innovation Network (CURIN) to impart basic skills in Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts and Maths (STEAM) in a fun filled– activity based structure. The activities done under STEAM school will not earn any credits but the essential skills, which are required by anyone, who wants to give shape to one’s ideas. There are no prerequisites but just the zeal to learn and do. The STEAM school is run on predetermined days during whole of the semester during evening hours– from 4:30 pm to 6:30 pm. The STEAM calendar given below will give you an insight into details.

General Guideline(s)
  • Students can enroll in any number of courses.
  • Students can refer to the timetable carefully befor booking the slots.
  • Students can bring their own kits for basic electronic projects.
  • Each course is of 10 hours (2 hours – 4:30-6:30 pm on five consecutive days)
  • Hostel accommodation to the day scholar will be given on request basis with the admissible charges (@ 400/- per night (Including Food)).
  • Course registration charges are Rs. 200.00/- candidate ( for registration and fee payment click Chalkpad)
Courses Details
Course - Circuit Prototyping
Course Objective
  • The course will cover the basics of Electronic circuit prototyping.
  • The course exposes students to tools used for circuit designing.
  • It will enhance student understanding on Deep learning Models
Resource Lead Ms. Rubina Dutta
Venue Communication Lab, 2nd Floor, EdisonBlock
Day Topic Workshop Dates
Day 1 Introduction to Electronic circuit sketching tools. Batch 1 Aug 05-09, 2019
Batch 2 Aug 19-23, 2019
Batch 3 Sep 16-20, 2019
Day 2 Designing your first Electronic circuit.
Day 3 Printing your first circuit on PCB.
Day 4 Fabricating your design.
Day 5 Testing of your first prototype.
Course - Deep Learning using Python
Resource Lead Ms. Isha Gupta
Venue ESD Lab, 2nd Floor, Edison Block
Day Topic Workshop Dates
Day 1 Introduction to Machine Learning and Deep Learning. Batch 1 Aug 05-09, 2019
Batch 2 Aug 19-23, 2019
Batch 3 Sep 16-20, 2019
Day 2 Python installation and implementation of data pre-processing on .csv file.
Day 3 Machine learning based classification on .csv file.
Day 4 Data pre-processing on Images.
Day 5 Deep learning models.
Course - Solar Cell Device Simulation using TCAD device simulator
Course Objective
  • Basic Understanding of TCAD device simulations
  • Solar cell device simulation.
  • Designing state-of-art Solar cell
  • Drafting the work done in possible publications.
Resource Lead Dr. Rahul Pandey and Dr. Jaya Madan
Venue CURIE Hall, Edison Block, Ground Floor
Day Topic Workshop Dates
Day 1
  • Basic introduction to Semiconductors and Semiconductor devices.
  • Physics of Solar Cells (SC), its advantages and research gaps in industry.
Batch 1 - July 22-26, 2019
Batch 2 Aug 26-30, 2019
Day 2
  • TCAD software (SCAPS) installation and its features discussions.
  • Design a basic silicon SC using TCAD.
  • Analysis of designed SC by parametric variation.
Day 3
  • Look for new SC design from existing literature.
  • Obtaining electrical/optical data from the literature.
Day 4 Comprehensive study and optimization of the new design.
Day 5
  • Results interpretation of the simulated SC.
  • Draft the work for possible publication.